Police Alarm Permit – Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles requires that you submit an application to install an alarm that rings directly to the police station. You must have an alarm permit—it’s the Law. LAPD officers handle 6,000 to 7,000 alarm calls each month, and over 90% are determined to be false alarms. Every alarm user, residential and business, can do his or her share to reduce false alarms and to help preserve police resources.

False Alarm Fees and Penalties

Under the revised Alarm Ordinance, the City will no longer respond to alarms free of charge. In addition to recovering the $149 fee for service, escalating penalties will be imposed for multiple false alarms:

False Alarms With Permit No Permit
1st $149 $249
2nd $199 $349
3rd $249 $449
4th $299 $549

For more information, visit the City of Los Angeles Alarm Permit General Information Page.

You can also fill out the application by clicking here: LA City Police Alarm Permit Application