Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is serious about securing their home should take a look into the many different types of security systems that are being offered today.

It doesn’t matter if your house is large or small, or if you live in a gated community or not; having a home security system installed in your home will keep it safer than if you didn’t have one installed at all.

Listed below are a few common questions and answers about security systems that can give you some insight about the different home security systems that are being offered by Protection Alarms today.

Besides protecting homes from burglars, what else can security systems do?2020-09-09T00:38:14+00:00

Security systems not only protect homes from burglars, but fires and carbon monoxide poisoning too. There are also many features that can be programmed into home security systems such as monitoring of the arming and disarming activity, medical alarm monitoring, and more. Security systems can also be programmed with duress and panic codes, and other special features.

Can security systems be monitored without a phone line?2020-09-09T00:37:20+00:00

If you have no phone service at your home, or if you are like many people today and use VOIP service in your home, it is recommended you have a cellular communicator installed with your security system as a form of alarm transmission. Protection Alarm’s ‘Alarm.com’ service not only provides cellular communication but offers interactive control over the internet.

I hear you get special discounts for having a home security system installed in your home. Is this true?2020-09-09T00:36:34+00:00
If I lose power in my home, does that mean I have no security system?2020-09-09T00:35:47+00:00
Protection Alarms security systems are installed with a back-up battery that will keep your security system going until your power is restored. An alarm back-up battery is only there to offer a temporary solution. Therefore, if you feel your power will be out for a longer period of time, it is wise to call your Protection Alarms for assistance.
What is the difference between hardwired and wireless home security systems?2020-09-08T22:04:01+00:00

This is one of the main questions home security professionals are asked each day. A hardwired home security system is installed by having wire run from a main alarm control box to alarm devices that are placed throughout your home such as motion detectors and transmitters.

A wireless alarm system is everything a hardwired alarm system is – minus the wire. Instead of wires being run to each individual wireless alarm device, they work off batteries. Both types of security systems are great choices, choosing between the two usually comes down to whether a wire can be run to the protected area.

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