The following is a copy of a letter dated September 20th, 2011 from LAPD Detective D. Keating, to Paul Eisenstadt, owner of Protection Alarms.

Los Angeles Police Department


From the desk of;

Detective D. Keating

Devonshire Detective Division

(818) 832-1768 office

(8180 832-0508 fax

[email protected]


September 20, 2011

TO: Paul Eisenstadt,

Protection Alarms

RE: Home Invasion Robbery


To whom it may concern;


On August 29, 2011 a Home Invasion Robbery occurred in Northridge CA.  The

investigation led detectives to a near-by residence THAT WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE

INCIDENT and had a closed circuit camera facing the street.  The camera angle covered the egress of any potential suspect activity.  The homeowner provided detectives with contact information for MR. Paul Eisenstadt at PROTECTION ALARMS.  Paul agreed to meet me at the home the following morning.  The video evidence, which he skillfully down loaded led to positive identification of the suspect vehicle(s) and provided an exact timetable and modus operandi of the suspects while outside the victim’s home.  As a tenured detective I very often have a difficult time in getting alarm/surveillance companies to be so prompt and complete in their assistance with investigations.  This case was particularly unusual because the Protection Alarm system was not set up on the victim’s home, thus there was no obligation on their part to help.

I would like to express my gratitude to Paul and Protection Alarms for his outstanding support and concern for the community.  No doubt the information provided will further assist in this ongoing investigation and will help in leading the perpetrators to justice.



Best Regards,

Detective Keating