Cyber Support Officer Elizabeth Sandoval from Los Angeles Police Department

In light of the incident that occurred in Paris, France , we are currently providing extra patrol at our critical site locations and our major venues. If you see any suspicious activity please report it.

Los Angeles Police Department Anonymous Crime Tip Program Public Fact Sheet
In response to demand from the public for secure and anonymous ways to submit crime tips to the authorities, the Los Angeles Police Department has developed two new anonymous tip services for use by the public. They are:
1. Text-a-tip Service:
User types “LAPD” plus their tip on their cell phone or PDA and texts it to “CRIMES” (274637). The text message is encrypted and an alias is generated, masking the identity of the sender from the police. The police have no way of determining the user’s identity.
2. New Web Tip link
Users go to and follow the link for “Anonymous Web Tips.”
The user then fills in a form and submits it via the Internet. The tip goes through a secure server where, again the identity of the sender is masked from the detectives receiving the Web tip.
Call 911 in an emergency…
If you see a crime in progress or need to report an emergency, please call 911.
These new crime tip services are for non-emergency investigative information only and will not generate a radio call or summon the police to your location.
Delete your text-a-tip messages…
For your safety, you should always delete all text messages to and from “CRIMES” (27463) from your in box and your out box.
Note: The program is available on most, but not all major wireless carriers, therefore we cannot guarantee this program will work for all participants. Although the program is complimentary to participants, standard text messaging rates may apply. Check with your carrier and wireless plan for details.
How to Submit a Tip via Text Messaging
To text a tip to the Los Angeles Police Department, you must have text messaging enabled on your phone and subscribe to a participating cell phone carrier. To begin your tip session, text the word “LAPD” to the number 27463, which spells the word “CRIMES” on your phone’s keypad.
While handset menus differ by carrier or model, here are some basic steps on how to compose a text message containing

Find “Messaging” or “SMS” on your phone’s main menu.
1. Create a new txt message or send txt or SMS text.
2. When composing your message:
o Enter the number 274637 as the mobile # or in the “to” line
o Then, in the message body, type word LAPD, a space, and then your crime tip information
(LAPD is not case-sensitive)
3. Hit “Send” to send the message.
4. You will receive a response from Crime Stoppers shortly, which will start the secure txt dialogue.
and from 274637 from your text message in box and out box.
you complete your tip submission, for your safety, you should always delete all text messages to your in box or out box.